Tim Hull

Software Engineer

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About Me

Hello! My name is Tim and welcome to my website!

I'm a software engineer specialising in mobile platforms - Swift is my first preference, so iOS/macOS apps are my happy place (Objective-C at a push)!

I've also been known to work on Android projects (Kotlin and Java) and C# (when I have to go cross platform!). When not in the mobile world, I've also been enjoying experimenting with Rust and boosting my C++ skills.

Outside of coding, I can often be found either composing music in Logic, in the kitchen cooking, or in the garden working on the veg patch!

On weekends, I may also be found at the badminton court or the bouldering wall, or walking in the Highlands.

Current Projects


Beta Coming Soon!

An iOS and macOS app for Dungeons and Dragons DMs, to help organise worldbuilding and notes for campaigns.


Available on GitHub

A light, wintery color scheme - an unofficial light version of the excellent Nord Theme ported to a variety of apps, editors and terminals.

Untitled Game (working title: Infinite Horizons)

Coming soon eventually

A fun side project to create an exploration and management game. Initially as a TUI in Rust, maybe eventually as an iOS/macOS SpriteKit game if I get better at artwork! Still in the very early days of experiments and prototypes!

See GitHub for other archived projects